Ewatchfactory Metal Band how to open

Is that still Neo-Prog? Melodic progressive rock or maybe just an alternative? Progressive pop, as the band described it in their early days? If you want to find out and like to open drawers, you could surely find a few for Elleven as well.

The progressive style of music should sound a little more poppy than the band in 2001 by two ex-Chandelier-Members and the singer Julia Graff Founded. There is also a singer on the microphone who does not conform to the usual conventions of this genre. The first fruit Insight 2007 not only knew how to “inspire softproggers”, the CD received good reviews even in other European countries.
After some upheavals, the second long player is finally here Transfiction on the market. Armin Riemer (Piano / keyboard / synthesizer / organ), Carsten Hütter (Guitars), Roger Weitz (Bass), Herry Rubarth (Drums) and Jule Graff (Vocals / Guitar) have packed the experiences of recent years into an album that captures the metamorphoses of this time of upheaval in a stylish manner. The band stayed true to one thing above all else: The song and its atmosphere come first. So if you want to open a drawer, it should be the one with the retro sounds.