What does material prosperity mean

Inner balance or material wealth: what makes you happier?

The characters of the people are different. This can be seen, for example, in the fact that some of us aim to be successful and wealthy at some point. Our focus in this case is material wealth.


For others of us, on the other hand, material wealth is unimportant; above all, we strive for equilibrium and inner balance. But which goal makes you happier, the search for inner satisfaction or a life of prosperity?

Material wealth - security yes, but luck?

Many of us would like to really clear away and win, for example, in the lottery or in the casino.

After all, around 7.3 million Germans regularly take part in games of chance in the form of the lottery or pools. In addition, betting shops and online casinos are enjoying increasing popularity.

They attract the game enthusiasts with bonuses or special promotions. It is also particularly easy to play on the computer.

The reason for the success of the gambling is the dream of the big profit, through which financial problems would be solved and which would change life and make a lot of things easier.

But there are other reasons for the success of gambling, for example it increases self-esteem when you win and when you lose it provides new motivation.

Research has shown that gambling has not only psychological but also physical effects.

For example, while playing at the machine, the heartbeat increases and adrenaline is poured out, but at the same time many players find the activity at the gaming machine relaxing.

The reason here is to suppress negative thoughts and focus on what is happening in the game.

Why the pursuit of material wealth is risky

Although it is a perfectly legitimate goal to gain a financial cushion through professional engagement or participation in gambling, the pursuit of security in the form of prosperity can also have negative consequences for us humans.

If we “commit ourselves” too much to this goal, then we run the risk of losing sight of ourselves because of the sheer activism.

Striving for material wealth can very quickly become a kind of addiction to which we subordinate everything and everyone.

There are scientific reflections on the subject of wealth as an addiction that show what makes us materialism and how it changes us.

Burnout - how material wealth can make you sick

In the media we read, hear or see reports again and again about people who literally “worked their way to death”. In Japan in particular, the number of suicides and deaths from heart attacks is increasing rapidly due to the pressure to succeed at work.

If you want to be professionally successful and subsequently wealthy, you have to work very hard. Too often, however, the pressure to succeed results in physical or mental illnesses that at some point or in part slow us down.

It is not for nothing that doctors here and in many European countries are increasingly diagnosing burnout.

The pursuit of professional success and financial security often ends in months of sick leave or even complete disability.

That is why we should always listen to our inner being with all our commitment and shift down a gear when there are warning signals, even if this may mean earning less. Ultimately, it makes more sense not to have that much money but to stay healthy.

Wrong career choice - cause of dissatisfaction

Unfortunately, it often happens that we make wrong decisions privately and especially professionally and these have a lasting negative effect on our future life.

Young people in particular tend to think too little about where their talents or interests lie and what they want to do professionally after leaving school.

This often leads to them choosing an apprenticeship that is rewarded with a high training salary, but that does not really satisfy and make them happy in the long term.

Although they can often do their job for a long time, they feel increasingly uncomfortable, are dissatisfied and sooner or later notice that they would be better off in a different position, in a different profession.

Whoever comes to this realization has reached the moment when he should change something. Here it is a matter of taking stock, reorienting yourself and checking what is really important to you.

This certainly requires great courage, but if we dare to take this step, we will free ourselves from what has previously left us unsatisfied. This is the first step in restoring your inner balance and the path to real happiness.

Happiness and contentment without wealth

Even if a financially secure living situation can help us spend our everyday lives more relaxed, money is not the only criterion on which our well-being depends. We can also feel happy and satisfied without knowing a fortune in our account. This satisfaction and inner balance can be brought about by small things.

Some of us just need someone by our side who loves us, others feel comfortable in an environment that is, for example, furnished according to the principles of Feng Shui ...

Still others experience happiness and satisfaction when visiting their own personal oasis of wellbeing, where you can switch off, think and simply feel good.

There are numerous ways to leave the path that has been trodden so far and to take a new direction, towards happiness and contentment without material wealth.

If you want to change your life and find inner balance, you can, for example, take advantage of advice on the subject of inner balance.

Simple tools for happiness without material wealth

In order to lead a happy and contented life, one does not need material wealth, only a few small aids, which can change a lot.

In this way, we can prepare our retreat, i.e. our apartment, with the help of small and inexpensive details in such a way that we look forward to relaxing there every day after everyday work.

Among other things, the following can help:

  • Relaxation aids (e.g. bath additives, foot baths, massage or heat pillows)
  • Furnishings (such as a relax armchair, fireplace or candlelight)
  • Nature (e.g. colorful bouquets, plants or sunlight)
  • Rituals (e.g. regular morning exercise, a cup of tea or an evening walk)

All of these things may be little things, but they have a great effect on us.

Rituals give our life security, nature fills us with gratitude and awe, the familiarity of our apartment lets us shake off the stress of everyday life and relaxation aids are able to relax us physically and mentally.

Body and soul show how to do it

When it comes to the question of whether inner balance or material prosperity makes you happier, a compass comes into play that we must not underestimate, namely ourselves.

We consist of physique and psyche and it is precisely these two that are able to show us the right way. If we take the wrong path in any way, body and mind will at some point report and send us warning signals that show us that something is wrong.

This can be constant colds or stomach problems as well as insomnia or nervousness.

As soon as we realize such signals, we should react and ask ourselves why the body or soul switch the traffic light to "attention", so to speak.

If we ignore such hints, this can have worse consequences, because either our organism or our soul will at some point completely fail.

Conclusion: Inwardly wealthy or materially rich?

First of all, it must be stated that inner and outer wealth are not mutually exclusive.

We can be materially wealthy and yet internally balanced and content. It becomes problematic when we pursue one side too closely and thereby lose sight of the other.

So it is important to maintain the balance and to prevent our pursuit of prosperity from leading us to no longer pay attention to our inner being.

The knowledge that we can be happy and satisfied even without a lot of money can give us the necessary calm that we need to successfully cross both finish lines in our everyday life.

Ultimately, it is we who can decide whether (and to what extent) we strive to create material wealth for ourselves or whether we would rather do less for our prosperity but more for our inner peace.