How should I say my aunt in Italian

"You have to tell the vaccination aunt not to pop the jus so rude"

Painter, storyteller, playwright, vaccination group A: How Timmermahn never got bored during the pandemic.

© Photo: Raphael Moser Timmermahn on his roof terrace in Bern-Wittigkofen.

Timmermahn, you've been vaccinated for weeks. How are you?

Completely good. You don't feel anything from the vaccination.

Ah great!

You have to tell the vaccinee to let the jus süferli in, not to bang it so raggedly. Then it doesn't hurt at all.


I don't know why people make a Gstürm about the vaccination. In the past, when you wanted to go abroad, you would vaccinate like you would go to a hairdresser. I have never had a bad experience.

Your new play «The Jubilee» has been paused for a year, now it is being performed. Why is?

After «Blöffer» and «Blöffers Hochzyt», the current piece takes place 50 years later. The protagonists play that they are old and in the nursing home and that they would perform a play there. But then all the masks fall. A theater in a theater in a theater. It's just a little complicated.

Is it bad that the piece is streamed?

That is not bad, of course it is a shame, the atmosphere of the "cheerful flag" is missing, but our people can do that. You have to play differently, almost like in silent films.

Did you have to rewrite the piece?

No, but director Jonathan Loosli tightened it up a bit because you don't like to stream that long.

Have you seen a lot of rehearsals in the past few weeks?

No, I let the crew do it. I had to paint a lot.

Ah yes, you still exhibited your pictures in the Hunziken mill.

And this resulted in a lot of orders for more pictures. I wanted to stop painting.

Really why?

The winter sun was shining on the serving boy on which I have my colors, and that seemed to me a sign of fate that I should let my colors dry up. I thought I wanted to ride my motorcycle more and take people out to dinner. I'm good at hash browns. But then my manager called that I had to do an exhibition. I asked: when? And she: in three weeks. Then I immediately ordered canvases and started painting. And now, thanks for wanting to quit, jobs come in almost every day from people who would like to see a picture of the sea.

You don't have to accept the orders.

But they are nice people and they get so excited about it. I already had to reorder red and zinc white. And a lot of brushes.

Why brush?

Now that I am making so much money painting, I have the luxury of not washing my brushes anymore.

What else did you do last year?

I went to rehearsals for “The Jubilee” until March 13th last year, then I got sick and got chills. Maybe it was Corona, I don't know. I always heal myself, except for open fractures. Within a week I had cured this with resyl drops in orange juice.


After that I started looking at things. What is that called now? Netflix! I've flicked so much, series in which they shoot each other. When I went to bed at five in the morning, I kept dreaming about it.


Then I stopped. After that I read all of Tom Wolfe's books. And then I cooked and gained ten pounds. I always cooked for four and ate everything. Then I lost weight again, with a devil's claw bath and a little exercise. Then I gained weight again. Then I started writing stories.

So they didn't get bored.

I don't even know what boredom is. I used to think it was when a woman left you. But that's something else. This is lovesickness.