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This is how [SPOILER] died in the modern family's beloved Halloween episode


Fans had many theories about who would be killed Modern family - and in the Halloween episode of the popular ABC series, viewers finally got their answer.

Unfortunately, it was DeDe Pritchett - ex-wife of Jay Pritchett and mother of Claire and Mitchell - who died on Modern family.

How did DeDe die?

Her death was revealed in the first minute of the episode, aptly titled 'Good Grief' - and it was Claire who got the bad news from DeDe's husband, Jerry.

It turned out she had a heart problem she didn't want to talk about and although she survived some crazy incidents during her trip to Greenland, including being swallowed by a whale, she died in her sleep at the hotel.

As expected, all members of the Pritchett / Dunphy family dealt with grief differently, but it was especially difficult for Claire, who last struggled with DeDe when they spoke.

“I was just as mean to mom as I was to me,” she said at one point in the episode, and finally came to terms with her death - even if Mitch was the favorite child.

Why DeDe was the chosen one who died Modern family Co-creator Steve Levitan explained how he wanted death to affect all three main families - which made DeDe the obvious choice.

'This seemed like the logical choice as it affects three of our main characters so directly. It was just a very nice dispatch to the character and Shelley Long too, so it seemed like the right thing, ”he said Weekly entertainment before revealing why the death occurred on the family's favorite vacation. 'The idea of ​​playing it on Halloween, however, came about because I've always had a thing for people who go through something unexpectedly serious in a goofy costume.'

He continued: 'I've always loved this. We always do Halloween shows and they're a big part of this year's series. So we thought, 'Well, let's try to do something that is very different this Halloween.' And since it's strangely a holiday that deals with so many subjects of death and scary things and all that, it seemed oddly appropriate. '

Is Shelley Alive Long?

Relax, Modern family Fans. DeDe Pritchett may be gone, but the actress is still alive and well - and she accepted her TV death like a pro.

'I think she was okay with that - we're close to the end of our run anyway. She helped, of course, ”added Steve. “It was very nice doing this little 3-D scan on the DeDe doll and she did the voicemail. That was nice. '

Every buggy needs a shoulder to cry on. #Modern

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Can fans expect to see more of DeDe in flashbacks? Never say Never...

'For sure. I think anything is possible. We have nothing to do, but you never know, 'said Steve. 'You could uncover an old videotape. Or it could literally just be a review, but it is not our intention right now. '

The audience will see DeDe return in the form of her ashes, which she poured into the root ball of a tree and which gives her children with the final message: 'You two decide who wants it.'